This project is a continuation of Wandering Mind but executed differently by using oil paint and canvas, which are the mediums of the Western tradition instead of ink and paper, to render abstractly the specific emotional meanings corresponding to literary imageries in Chinese ancient poetry, such as the sunset as dejection for life’s impermanence, willow as the sorrow of separation, currents of water as the vicissitude of life etc. 

The title Letting comes from “Letting Be and Exercising Forbearance” (在宥) of the Outer Chapters in Zhuangzi. Thus the process of painting is in no way deliberate yet simply follows what Zhuangzi preaches: Setting one's mind at ease and following one's nature. I let go off all intentions and let my paintings become what they ought to be and become the memory of tradition that I carry from birth. The work serves as a subject for meditation to evoke poetic nostalgia for the past.