Confession: Prologue


Single-channel video

Since 2018

English version: 3'11"; Chinese version:4'11"

Confession: Prologue is a video diary of my monologue as a mother. It provides a glimpse into my struggle with postpartum depression that put a long pause to my artistic practice. This video unfolds in an essay-video form, narrating the reality of the internal war rising from motherhood. The rhythmic typing develops concurrently as my emotions rise and cease while I mimicked the way my daughter draws, as manifested in an animated line video overlapping the running text. By observing and making sense of a new born’s desire to fathom the form and formlessness of the world via artmaking, I reached an epiphany that allowed me to reestablish the connection between the meaning of art-making, of life itself and of giving birth. The video is part of an ongoing photobook project since 2014.

《自白:序》是艺术家韩梦云作为母亲的一段内心自白。她以散文视频的形式记录了她与产后抑郁症的斗争,对母亲这个神圣角色的质疑。视频里文字敲打的节奏跟随情绪的波动起起伏伏,叠加在滚动的文字之上的是同时播放的一段纯线条动画,这是艺术家试图模仿两岁的女儿画画的姿态, 通过观察一个空白的新生命以艺术的形式触摸着世界的有形和无形,艺术家重新理解了艺术、生命和生育之间的联系和意义。该作品是艺术家自2014年开始制作的摄影书项目的一部分。

Installation of "Confession: Prologue" in The Dwelling Place of the Other in Me, 2021, Power Station of Art, Shanghai