Single-channel video

Since 2018

English version: 3'11"; Chinese version:4'11"

"The Dwelling place of the Other in Me"


Power Station of Art, Shanghai

Confession: Prologue is a video diary of Han Mengyun’s monologue as a mother. It provides a glimpse into her struggle with postpartum depression, which put a long pause to her artistic practice. This video narrates the reality of the mother’s internal war which unfolds in an essay-video form, the rhythmic typing develops concurrently as her emotions rise and cease during the course of a mother trying to fathom her conundrum and confusion by mimicking the way her daughter draws. It is part of an ongoing project that originated from making a photobook using family archives documenting the artist’s interaction with her daughter. The process of going through her own family archives both in material and in memory led to the artist’s artistic epiphany in establishing the connection among the meaning of art-making, of life itself and giving birth.