Similar to Johann Bach's The Art of FugueMomentum consists of more than 15 variations of a single principal subject, the ink, to explore the contrapuntal possibilities inherent in a harmonious visual polyphony. I think in terms of aspects of music, be it rhythmic or melodic, lento, moderato, or allegro. Each ink drawing is in an antiphonic dialogue with other ones yet they shall also be viewed as a whole while following a specific order of presentation, leading to an accretion of understanding and experience. The primary source of inspiration is drawn from Determination of Momentum(Ting-Shih) in The Literary Mind and the Carving of Dragons, the canon of Chinese literary criticism. The idea of momentum (Shih) is a force that inheres in one's temperament and directs its movement along the inclination of Nature by according to the demands of the moment. This momentum with such forcefulness and unfolding temporality will derive “beauty” that touches the universal chord.